Study shows China and India’s social media users are more engaged than US counterparts

It is common knowledge (to many) that in many parts of Asia students attend school 6 days a week rather than 7. They are pushed farther, and are held to a higher degree (at least as portrayed in many films, which I hope have some truth in them). What is also widely know is the prominence of technology in developed areas of Asia. In nearly every clip I’ve seen in a major part of Asia there was technology everywhere, from casino like rooms, to everyone comparing their cell phones and other gadgets.
But until recently, this was all speculation on my part at least. It was a stereotype that I was sure had some truth behind it, but without actually traveling and interviewing, I had little way of discovering the truth. Fortunately, someone has done just this. has written a blog about an infographic that shows just how much those specifically in China and India use social media, as compared to their peers in the United States.
In categories from creators to critics Americans were compared to the Chines and Indians, who beat us out by as much as 60%. What could be the cause of this. It would be interesting to compare the introduction of such methods of communication between the two areas and see how that may have affected the percentages. Political movements may have been involved, giving some people a new way to communicate their political feelings. There are a wide variety of ways to discuss this with your class, and it would be interesting to find out exactly what your students discover.

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