World Earthquakes 2011 Visualization

This infographic is fairly intense. It is a time lapse map of all the earthquakes that occurred in 2011. It was created by someone in Asia, and has I think Japanese writing on it, so much of it can’t be read, but it still is very interesting. It is a great way to show this kind of information.

When studying plate tectonics, show a portion of this to your students. Have you students do research on parts of this video, each group of students taking a month, or a couple of months, and do research on the earthquakes that occurred during that time period. See if there is any correlation between them, what kind of damage was done, if anything was learned from that particular earthquake. See if your students can find some type of pattern, or lack there of.

Show your students earthquakes that happened in new areas. For instance, in the summer of 2011, there was an earthquake in Virginia that was felt all the way down in Raleigh, NC. What caused an earthquake here? What movement of the plates caused earthquakes that happened elsewhere? Have your students create infographics sharing this information.


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  1. Trisha M #

    Interestign taht you say ” .. so most of it can’t be read …” about a graphic that could be read IF YOU HAD THE LITERACY SKILLS in that language. Talk about anglo-centric! No offence, but you are presenting some really good education/general interest sites and at the same time either welded to the use of hte passive voice (I would have had no problem with ” .. and so _I_ can’t readi ti ..”) or are very anglocentric.

  2. Trisha M #

    And apologies for my poor typing/proof-reading skills.

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