The State of Muslim America

America can be considered an enigma. Even today, most television shows that portray Americans portray a white, Christian family. But, America is also considered a melting pot of cultures. To be a well rounded American, and a well rounded person, able to work with and learn from anyone, one must be aware of other cultures so as not to offend.

In public schools it is often difficult to teach about other cultures without creating a potential debate that may offend someone. But it is important, none the less, to help students realize that everyone has differences and to respect those differences.

This infographic is about the “All America Muslim.” There is a reality tv show on TLC that follows an “All American” family. What makes this tv show special is that the family is Muslim. For a variety of reasons it is important to learn about this religion, just as it is important to learn about any other religion or culture.

While this infographic doesn’t aim to educate on the views of Muslims as a religion, it does show the American related cultural qualities of the average Muslim. It’s aim is to show that Muslims have lives in America just like any other America. It would be a great introduction to a unit on learning about other cultures.



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