Declining Confidence in America's Public Schools

OK, I do have mixed feelings about opening the school year with a downer. But let’s face it. It isn’t a good time to be a teacher, what should be the most exciting and rewarding job on the planet. Consequently, and here’s the point, it isn’t a good time to be a student either.

So how does the American public feel about it’s schools. This graphic is based on a July Gallup Poll and is brought to us by GOOD, one of my frequently referenced providers of infographics.

Each item might be a core of conversation among teachers in your work rooms. For instance, I found the percent of change in those who had a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in their public schools more interesting than the apparent trend. I threw the numbers into a spreadsheet and then dumped them into my copy of OmniGraphSketcher (I love that program) and produced the line plot below. I’d love to take the time to add in other factors, such as congressional trends, media trends, test scores, etc.

Anyway, I do apologize about laying this bummer on you on this day, but we need to start talking this stuff on the get go!



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