How do Americans spend their days?


Part of being American has become watching others live their lives, as shown by the increase in the number of reality shows. Another way to see what others do throughout the day is to look at this infographic from the NY Times and blogged about by FlowingData. A survey was given to a large number of people to discover what they did on an average day in 2008. This infographic shows those results in an interactive and less invading method than watching pseudo-celebrities on tv.
This infographic does a great job of comparing various people, men and women, employed and unemployed, various races, various ages and many others. It compares them in a sort of bar graph line graph combo that would be great to give students more practice in reading various graphs.
This would also be great for students in high school, especially those about to graduate. The youngest age bracket is 15-24, the age range of high school students plus their next few years. This would give them an idea of what they may be doing throughout the day for the next few years. It also compares those with a hs diploma, a bachelor’s degree and an advanced degree. This may be used to assist students in deciding their next step either towards further education or work.
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