Warmer Weather Is Officially the New Normal

There has been much speculation over the rising temperatures and the possible outcomes. With the possibility of global ice caps melting, the sea levels rising and destroying our coasts, it has been something on many scientists minds for some years now. But unfortunately, temperatures have only been recorded for a small fraction of the world’s history it is difficult to actually gauge whether the temperature is within a normal range of change or has gone outside of the normal change.

Based on current data, many scientists are concerned. Because temperatures can vary greatly from one year to another, and from one place to another, scientists at NOAA use a 30 year range and 7,500 weather stations to average the temperature. With the passing of a new decade, the data years have shifted and compared to the previous 30 year period.

By comparing these two sets of data, scientists have discovered that there is evidence that temperatures are increasing. What the future holds, one can only speculate. This would be a great assignment for science students during a study on weather. Speculation involves knowing the facts and what it means. While it is impossible to assess students based on their speculations, assessment can be made based on evidence and how they used the evidence. This will shows the students understanding of the facts.

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