The Successes and Failures of the Fight Against AIDS


There is still much unknown about HIV/AIDS, but much more is known than 30 years ago. Despite more being known about it, there are still many wrong assumptions and fears. For prevention it is important to educate as well as to do research. Learning about this disease and brainstorming methods to educate the public may help the students be more acceptable of this or other things.
When presenting this infographic blogged about by, it is important to add the facts: how people get the disease, the treatment, medical breakthroughs, and quality of life. A possible lesson could divide students into groups based on types of information. Each group is required to create an add campaign to tell the public the truth. The students need to consider who to tell, what to tell, where to tell and when to tell it. Urge them to create infographics to spread the information.

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