The State of the Tablet and Ereader Market

The tablet and the ereader are great answers to the space question that needs addressing by our growing population. While talking about my small condo, my father told me that a large number of Asians in tight quarters in cities are turning to cell phones and netbooks as a means to get on the internet, rather than the bulkier counterparts. But this infographic shows how they are being used in America.

Tablets and ereaders are growing in popularity. They are much easier to carry around than a laptop or a book, and are a status symbol. They are the cool thing to have across America. There is a cell phone ad on television now that shows a gentlemen holding his phone saying he bought his phone to be different. Then a young girl runs up and annoyingly enters his personal space comparing the same phone. Everyone has them. And as they are being updated, people are rebuying them.

This infographic is a great way to show the reason why we need to incorporate them into our classrooms. Despite having a library less than a mile from my home, I buy books on my tablet so that I can read it on my phone as well. They are the preferred item. Explore, with your students, other reasons why these have grown in popularity, and why now. Apple and Blackberry have both been producing smartphones for a long time. Why are they just now becoming so popular?


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