Is the filibuster unconstitutional?

Part of a judges job is to interpret the constitution. That includes deciding whether a law is unconstitutional, whether it goes against what the Constitution of the United States stands for. The Constitution stands for a great deal of things, and everyone can interpret it in different ways. First, give examples of laws in the past, both obvious and not as obvious, and ask you students to explain why they were deemed unconstitutional.

This infographic is also about the filibuster. Describe what a filibuster is, and in a classroom court setting, have your students do one. Explore other parts of a court during this. For some reason, the presence of clotures have increased significantly in recent years. Explore with your students why this is and why it may affect the filibuster.

While exploring all of this, also explore how the Congress members have affected the increase in the filibusters. Also, talk about the events occurring in the world that may have affected what happened in session.


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