Internally Displaced People – Global Overview


Internally Displace People, or IDPs, are people that have been forced to moved due to violence, but have not moved outside of any nationally recognized borders. According to this infographic, hundreds of people are IDPs, showing the amount of violence still in the world.
This infographic shows the information in an interesting way. First, it shows the population of all of the countries by showing its size. For the most part, each of the countries geographical size remains roughly the same. But begin by showing your students this infographic and discuss the reasons for the populations of the various countries. For instance, Russia may be very large, but it is small on this map. Geographically, it’s farther North than many other countries. Because of this, much of the terrain may not be habitable, at least not easily.
As well as this, discuss the reasons for the displacement. What is going on in each country that has led to the displacement? Who initiated it? What was displaced? Study this with current events. Things may have changed since this infographic was made. What has changed, and what is still changing?


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