What are the Hardest Languages to Learn?

Learning a language is very difficult. Most people are too young to remember the first time they learn a language, and this infographic is geared towards those whose first language is English. It categorizes a variety of common languages into three categories, easy, medium and hard. It also shares the reason why the hardest are categorized in this way.

The infographic says that languages with our similar characters are the easiest. Many also have similar words and structures. While the word categories may not go in the same order, they are still mostly there. Those that have a similar number, but different characters, are medium. And those that are very different, such as Chinese with a different character for every word, are considered hard.

The infographic also shares the amount of time it would take to learn the language. It gives a number of hours, and number of weeks, or years, it takes. This is all averaged based on commitment, and ability to learn, as well as background. It does take an understanding of grammar basics. Challenge your students to study hard and really learn a foreign language that will be useful. We have it easy, it takes years of active study in order for Japanese to learn their own mother language.


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