Making Data Beautiful


What would you rather see, a black and white bar graph, or a map with various data, a web and lots of colors? Which one would draw you in more? Which one is easier?
Sometimes easier isn’t better, and making an infographic is a prefect example. The purpose of an infographic is to convey data, and the best way to do this is to draw one’s attention. But make sure it is well organized and not a jumbled mess.
This article outlines the importance and the fun of making creative infographics. For instance, Aaron Koblin has outlined text messages in New York city to study the communication patterns. If he were to just do this with a black and white bar graph, would he be able to see, at a glance, very much information? Or, what if he were to use a map of the city and use different colored lines for incoming and outgoing messages. Then he would be able to see the epicenter of text messages, rather than look at the names of neighborhoods and visualize them in his head.


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