Connected learning resources and infographic


Every student learns differently, and every teaching method is different. But every teacher knows that it is difficult to marry a learning student to a particular learning method. Students are constantly growing and changing, and so is information on teaching. My take on this infographic is that it takes a different stand. Don’t concentrate on the methodology, concentrate on the students.
This infographic takes three learning principles and three design principles. The three learning principles are interest-powered, peer-supported, and academically oriented. You may not believe this, and the students may not believe this, but they are interested in at least something you are teaching. Give them the opportunity to figure out what they are interested in and learn more about it, while still making sure they learn all of the basics. But, have them teach what they are interested in. For instance, with your assistance, have them teach a unit on bugs. They will learn more, and the students will become interested as well. And reward them academically for doing so well. Everyone wants to be rewarded.
On the other end, there are the design principles. These are shared purpose, production-centered, and openly networked. When the student realizes they want to learn, your purpose is shared, because that is your number one purpose in being a teacher. This produces an educated student, what your job is centered around. And spread what you are learning to other teachers. Hopefully success stories will come your way and you will be able to implement your new teaching strategies in an even more successful way.


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