Character relationships in the Iliad


I have always found it very difficult to follow books in which the names are not familiar to me. Languages change over time, and with them, names also change. Books written centuries ago are very interesting and enlightening, but with different names they are often difficult to follow. Flowingdata has done a great job of sharing a wonderful infographic to assist anyone reading the Iliad with connections between characters.
This infographic uses a network web and a streamgraph based on chapters to show how the characters are connected. In the network you can rollover a box with blocks for the characters on the x and the y axis. Scroll around the box and see the character interactions. On the streamgraph scroll from right to left on the screen and along the top to read about the chapters.
While reading the text, encourage the students to use this when they have questions. Also, ask them to search for other resources they may find useful. Ask them to learn about the resources and present them to the class, including how they found it, how they used it, and what they learned from it.

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