The Power of Pinterest

One of my favorite new social networking sites is Pinterest. It is an online pinboard on which you can add photos, or view photos that others have pinned. You can then repin them onto pinboards you create. Most of the pins link to websites that describe the picture further. I primarily use it for decorating and apparel ideas, but there are all kinds of things on it including education suggestions. You can also follow others based on what they pin allowing you to get more ideas from others who share the same interests. It does require a free account to search for others though.

One thing that is on Pinterest sometimes are fun infographics. When searching for fun infographics on Fridays I often use ones found on here. Todays is actually about Pinterest and what it is used for. I apologize that the blog from which I got the infographic is not in English, and I couldn’t figure out where it came from, but the infographic itself is in English.

This infographic does a great job of explaining what Pinterest is, and how it is used. It is primarily used as I use it, as well as for a crafting site. One thing I keep hearing about it is how to use it for marketing. Many companies, including Better Homes and Gardens, are using it as such, creating accounts and posting articles or items they sell that will link back to their website. It has become incredibly popular in a short amount of time, having just opened in 2010, it is brought in nearly twice as many users as Facebook and more than three times as many users as Twitter did in the same number of years after launching. I would encourage everyone to take a look at it and join if you have not already. It has an entire category for education and will provide many ideas shared by other teachers on teaching methods and ideas.


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