Comparing heritage in the Melting Pot

This infographic pertains to an interactive website that allows you to create an infographic. In the photo on the left, created by flowingdata, The prominence of those of Chinese and Indian heritage are compared across the United States. By viewing this map, one can see where those of each heritage have settled. The website allows you to compare those of many heritages and where they have settled.
This is a subject that fascinates me because America is so diverse, from immigrants to those who have been here for many generations. I believe that this pertains to what heritage settled in different regions, and when they settled. For instance, the East coast was greatly settled by those running from religious persecution, to persecute those of different religions here. This has led to the Bible belt in the south. It isn’t as prevalent in the North because in the late 19th century many poor came to America and settled in the industrial cities in the North, and the spread out up North. This is simply my theory and is based on what I remember of history classes in college and high school.
Challenge your students to do the same. This may be a challenge for your more mature students. Challenge them to use historical evidence to draw cultural conclusions. Grade them based on the historical evidence, but don’t accept Californians are weird because Japanese are weird.



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