It’s a Smartphone’s World


It’s important to know what your students have access to and what they will probably be using the future. For instance, as pens became more and more popular, over pencils or ink, what was available in the classroom as far as supplies probably changed. Now, in most secondary classes, pens are expected and there are no ink wells. Computers are now expected over pen and paper for many final drafts. And now computer classes may be changing.

I was lucky, I was in public school and took a computer class as early as 3rd grade. It was standard in my elementary school. Some elementary schools still don’t teach it. When I was a TA one of my second graders didn’t even know how to use a mouse. And now it has been discovered that more smartphones were shipped in 2011 than PCs.

Because of this fact, it may be important to change your technology teaching. While you may be able to do more with a PC, smartphones and other mobile devices are becoming more prominent. Teach your students ways to use them, reasons to use them, and why to use them.


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