Mapping the drug wars in Mexico


Geographic maps are possibly one of the earliest and most culturally ingrained of visualizations. When you can lay data on top of a map, you have a rich and easily recognized story. This infographic does a great job of sharing information on a map. Gangs and mobs have been a part of history since history began. Luckily for us, American police have done a great job of cracking down on mob activity, and are working hard to stop gangs as well. But unfortunately, just over our Southern border, organized criminal activity is very active.
One thing that struck me about this infographic is the increase in killings related to the drug wars. Discuss reasons for this with your students, and warn your students of related drug use. Do research with your students on the increased crimes over the years.
This is also a great interactive map. Work with your students on recreating a map like this. Brainstorm other times when this type of map would come in handy. When would it benefit research to be able to look at such information?

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