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Our job, as educators, is to prepare our students for getting a job when they are ready. Most students will hopefully wait until they are in their early to mid 20s to begin their careers. Luckily for many of us, some will begin their careers at 16 or 18. But those who do attend college and graduate school are facing new problems that no other generation has faced before.
Traditionally, a job meant physical labor. Most children, for good reason, dropped out of school at an early age, if they attended at all. Few people worked behind a desk, but around the turn of the century this began to change. At this time school became more and more important. Now, children can get behind if they don’t know how to use a computer before they reach double digits. This infographic, by Mashable, shares some of the important information that students may need to know in order to enter the ever increasing tech field. Because while more and more jobs are being taken over by machines, it is becoming more and more important to be able to program those machines.
This infographic shares some very interesting information. One thing is the cities that have the strongest markets for jobs. Three of the most surprising cities include Greensboro, NC, Baltimore and San Antonio. Also, it shows several areas with increasing demand, including mobile app developers. This infographic is a great thing to keep in mind as you prepare your students for the real world.

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