Are Google Search Trends Better Election Predictors Than Polls? [INFOGRAPHIC]


One day we will be telling our kids we are older than Google. This is something I have read on Pinterest. Google is one of the largest, free services available. It began as a search engine, bought YouTube, replaced the need for a harddrive for students, and is now, possibly, one of the best election predictors.
Official poll people over a variety of things, and these results are very important. They decide whether or not to keep a show on the air, if a certain product is doing its job, and if a potentially elected official needs to reach out to a new group. Traditionally, people have been polled through by phone, or as a random survey on the street. But many people would decline to comment. At one point in history who one voted for was public knowledge and people were beat if the voted for the “wrong” person.
But Google searches are relatively anonymous, depending on ones computer abilities. But what is common knowledge is what people are searching for on Google. It can show trending topics, such as an elected official, and what people are searching about them. This infographic shows what the polls said, what Google search trends said, and who actually won the election. Explore the viability of Google search trends with your students, and other ways to use Google in your classroom.

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