Religion World


Today’s infographic from uses a web to describe and categorize a variety of religions in the world. Religion is one of the most universal things, although it varies widely. Everyone believes in something, even in the belief of nothing, and it shows a lot about what a culture finds important.
The infographic begins with the world, and from it sprouts categories of various religions and short explanations of them. In my opinion, it is awfully over simplified, so you may want to challenge your students to create longer explanations and make more connections.
The infographic also goes on to share what the majority of each country believes in, from Abrahamic to Eastern religion, and how religious each country is. Use this as a way to track how religion has spread. For instance, 99% of the world follows an Abrahamic religion, aside from Asia. What kept Asia from following Abrahamic religion? And what do countries that are most religious believe in that differs from other countries?


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