Warmest Year on Record


This infographic exemplifies two things, a great example of a moving infographic, as well as important information about the world. A moving infographic has a video, rather than is just a list with pictures. Take a class and learn how to use some of the movie applications and teach your students how to use them. Encourage them to explore the applications and create their own infographics using it.
It also shares important information about the world. This infographic would be a great introduction to a study on weather, or more specifically global warming. There are many different theories on the weather, I once heard that in the 50s it was thought we were going into an ice age, and I heard again recently that we are coming out of one. But more often I hear the theory that the worlds temperatures are increasing, the ice caps are melting, and the ocean levels are rising.
Rather than teaching your students these theories, have your students teach them to each other. Assign groups of students various parts of the theories to gather hard evidence to support the theory. Then have the students hare the information online on a blog, and present it to the rest of the class. As a final assessment have the students share their own theory with specific supporting information in their own way. The supporting information will be the assessment rather than the theory.



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