What Music Do People (Dis)Like the Most?

Music can be very controversial. Sit heavy metal fan in a car for a ride across a state listening to country, and there may be some ill feelings within a matter of minutes. Music can set some ones mood, whether they are happy or sad. It can remind people of good times and bad times. It is one of the most controlling aspects of life, and it can’t even be touched. 

This infographic shows what music people (dis)like since before the 1950s. Surprisingly this can change over years. It would be interesting to discuss why it may change. Could it be that fans of a certain genre pass away while fans of another are born and come of age. Or maybe a certain genre changes and former fans simply look for an alternative. Has this happened to any students in your class?

This is also a great way to show data that students may be able to use data. Each square actually represents a different song. The color of the square represents the genre of the song, and the positioning of the year it was released and how well liked it was. For instance, the farther to the right the song is, the more recently is was released. The farther down the song is, the less it was liked. Students can do this will all kinds of things, cars, or even the understandability of math concepts.



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