Visualizing Geospatial Data in 3D


Rather than a post about an actual infographic today, I am blogging about a way to create the infographics. has created a great free app (free as of 10/30/11), that allows one to enter information as a spreadsheet about various geographical points, and view the information on a map.
For example, let’s say that we want to compare education levels of various people across a city and compare this with the average income of people across the same city. This would involve two separate maps (as of 10/30/11), but is working on some upgrades. One could do a survey collecting this information. Then, enter the location and the education level followed by the address again and the average income.
Students can look at these two maps and view the impact of education on income. This would be especially good for key times in students lives. The age when students can legally drop out of school, or are considering continuing their education. It may also be good for students who have the potential to do well in school but not the will. This may give them the will.

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