Are We Still Reading?

I probably spend more time thinking about, looking for, and working on the Thursday data source IGaDs than the other four days put together.  Data is cool and it’s a huge part of just about every institution’s conversation today.  The term, data-driven decision making, has almost become a mantra of organizational improvement.  There is a lot of power in data, so long as it does not cause us to start treating our environments like laboratories.  No classroom is a laboratory.

For this set of data, I am addressing some of the concerns of teachers and especially librarians, who often lament that we’ve stopped reading.  Here are statistics that seem to counter that concern.  As a society, we are apparently buying a lot of books.  Many of them many not consist of ink-stamped pages.  But we appear to be reading — a lot.

I would love to see students look at these two sets of data, revenues from digital publishing compared to over publishing revenues, and express them visually in some way that tells a story.

Association of American Publishers: New Publishing Industry Survey Details Strong Three-Year Growth in Net Revenue

International Digital Publishing Forum: Industry Statistics

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