Price and adoption timeline of gadgets

Everyone has things they like, and the things they like get updates. These things are not always technology, but that’s what this infographic, by¬†Alicia Parlapiano published in the Washington Post, explores.

Parlapiano shows the correlation between price and purchases of various technologies beginning in 1980. This infographic also shows the declining purchases of an old technology when a new, similar technology is introduced. For instance, the corded phone decreases in popularity with the increasing purchases of the cordless phone. The cordless phone purchases increased because of the decreasing price of the product.
This would be a great infographic to use in math classes. It is a graph using multiple graphing forms, giving them practice with reading a complicated graph. They can do research on the specifics of new technologies in a certain year, for instance, when was the camera phone introduced? Incorporating outside data such as this may give new insight into the reason for popularity ups and downs. They may then write a journal about what they speculate will be the next technology to cause a change in the graphs, or how an old technology may be improved for bring it back.
Interactive Infographic:
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