Evolution of the Web


Just like every other technology, from the pencil to the car, the internet has gone through many changes and developments. In this infographic, created by Google with Hyperakt and Vizzuality, the display methods of the internet are shown, namely the development and redevelopment of various browsers and the technologies created and integrated into each.
This infographic takes into account one main graphing method. It is the timeline. Each dotted, vertical, faint line represents a new year. At the top the years are listed. From left to right the browsers pop up with a line representing the length of time they were used, and dots for each new update.
The come in the technologies, including Javascript, HTML, and Flash. These are connected to snake-like pastel lines that weave in and out between all the browsers. This represents when the technology was introduced and when it was adopted by each browser.
This would be a great infographic to use with a technology class. It is often easier to understand something when it is put into context with other, similar ideas. For instance, learning HTML5 may be assisted by learning the basics of HTML1, what HTML2 added to it, and so on. If the class is divided into groups and each group takes a technology, or an era, to study, they can all create similar, linkable diagrams that can then be compared among each other.

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