A Sip of Soda

Nearly everyone drinks soda on a daily basis. One of the most common things to give up for Lent is soda. One of the most difficult things to give up is soda. It was some of the most addicting, legal chemicals including caffeine and sugar. Even when someone decides to switch to caffeine and sugar free, it still has artificial sweeteners and many other man-made chemicals. Just with the basics in mind, it seems to be a very harmful drink when consumed regularly. This is a great infographic to share with your students about the dangers of regular soda consumption.

With increasing medical research there are more and more methods for treating various diseases. There also seem to be more and more diseases to treat. For most of history, it was not the norm to be treated for an illness, especially not for the rest of ones life. Now, it is the norm to be on one medication or another. There are pills for mood, discomfort, heart, cholesterol. Along with more diseases, there are more foods with additives and preservatives. Is this a coincidence? It could be. Or it could just be that people don’t put up with minor symptoms anymore and want to be treated.

This infographic, created by Term Life Insurance, depicts some of the health issues that can develop due to prolonged consumption of sodas. Nearly every organ system is affected. The lungs and the heart are affected severely. Asthma and heart disease are very serious concerns that can be caused by soda. Along with this, obesity and diabetes can occur. Obesity itself has its own health issues, and diabetes can also be caused by obesity. I would encourage you to share this with your students and challenge them to take their health into their own hands today, rather than when they have no other choice in 20 years.



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