Majority See U.S. Leadership in Space as Essential

This is one of those very simple statements coming from a fairly simple set of data, based on a simple question — that uncovers what should be a quite complex, interesting, and important story. The question of whether the U.S. should maintain its leadership in space, 58% of respondents said yes. In reading on through, what struck me was the narrow range between demographics, ranging from a high of 60% (College Grad+) to the lowest percent, 55% (respondents earning between $30-$75,000 a year).

That narrow range held true except for politically. 67% of Republican’s feel that the U.S. should remain in a leadership position compared to 54% of Democrats. It is not every day that I find myself in the Republican camp on something.

Here is a Wikipedia page that lists the budget of NASA since 1958.  I might be interesting to graph aspects of the budget and graph that.  Students might be polled as well to ask if U.S. leadership should be maintained, or if your country should express more leadership in the exploration of space.

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