Why the Future of Transportation Is All About Real-Time Data

This on takes me back to the gov data conference I attended here in Raleigh a few weeks ago. Singapore seems to have taken the concept of open and openly viewable data about their environment to the next level. A central part of the Live Singapore! project is an effort to create a “ loop between people, their actions, and their city.” From the site,

People moving within a city in most cases base their decisions on information that is static and that does not reflect the actual state of systems and dynamics in their city (think of printed transportation time tables, static opening hours, driving to stores to find a product out of stock,…). Companies and local authorities instead increasingly do manage their networks in real-time, always being aware of the current state of the system. The so generated data however is kept segregated, and while useful for each individual network’s operation, it potentially contains much more value when put to creative use in new application scenarios that combine data from different sources, making it accessible to users.

You can see some videos of the visualizations here.

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