Illustrating the Relationships between Disease Conditions

I especially like it when an infographic can be personalized, that is, it becomes a person tool for answering specific and important questions.  The Health InfoScape is an example.  I try not to run graphics generated by businesses unless their area of business coninsides with the public interests, and especially those that rangle for federal dollars.  Another story.

Here’s an exception, GE, who works with data vis giants like David McCandless and Ben Fry.  About this graphic,
Health InfoScape [] is a “disease network” that illustrates the relationships between various ailment conditions and how common those connections are. It can be filtered by gender, and the lay-out can vary between a circle and a more traditional weighted network. These graphs are based on about 7.2 million electronic anonymized patient records (owned by G.E., naturally), thus representing the most important conditions that affect Americans today.
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