Global Distribution of Wikipedia Edits

Image of Wikipedia Edits in Europe

Wikipedia edits for a normal day -- Europe

I learned about this one from Tech Blog, the WikiMedia Foundation blog.  Wikimedia is the group behind Wikipedia and this interesting visualizatioin shows a map of the world and for a given day and a given time, it traces through where edits were made from second by second.  It is fast motioned by 10 and the edits come at about five per second.

From the blog:

Wikimedia Data Analyst Erik Zachte recently unveiled a new interactive visualization showing the global distribution of edits for various language editions of Wikipedia.

This first version allows users to see where edits are coming from for a given day. Right now, the day is fixed but fairly recent.

You can control the parameters of this interactive visualization by using keyboard shortcuts available in a “Help” menu (press ‘H’). For example, ‘E’ switches between different event markers.

This sort of visualization is interesting to simply watch and it delivers no story near as important as another  realization of how global we have become.

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