Social media & digital in Asia… (

Edelman produced this graphic that illustrates the degree to which countries in Asia and Oceania are using the Internet, especially for social media. The Asian Correspondent blog post that brought this graphic to my attention questions the data source,

The data used to compile the statistics is taken from comScore which, as I mentioned in a previous post, has a lot of questions to answer about its measurement methodology in developing regions where it is unable to track mobile internet usage or public (internet cafe) sessions, both of which are key access points for many across Asia. Thus its statistics, interesting though they are, are by no means an accurate reflection of actual usage patterns in the region.

I bring this to your attention to double-click the point of questioning the source. As I’ve written many times, the true power of infographics in education is the questions that they provoke.

The data source aside, learners might brainstorm on how one might take advantage of the Net penetration in some Asian countries and ways to improve it in others.

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