London Vs. Paris

Not only does this infographic, originally posted by the great blog, sheds light on a centuries long rivalry between to major countries, it also shows a great way to compare two different like objects, or in this case cities (don’t tell them I said they are alike though). The rivalry, property disputes, and wars have gone back and forth since the beginning of each country. Political peace between the two nations has only occurred during the last century, the extent of much of our memories. But as this infographic points out, politics is the extent of this peace.

Food is a great topic of debate between the two nations. Citizens of each country is say that the other doesn’t know how to cook. This is a matter of palette. In addition, each have monuments, cathedrals, and beautiful buildings around every turn, both classic and modern. And a variety of entertainment in each city.

But what this infographic also does is show a great way to compare two like objects, or places. When each a topic between each is compared, an example is given. The size of the cities is spacially compared, the monuments and skylines are compares, and the variety of restaurants and the price of a meal is compared. But the important thing is that these are compared side by side, with the Eiffel tower right beside the London Eye.

When creating such an infographic, make sure the reader does not have to search for a comparison, but can see the two side by side.


Credit: This infographic is the work of a creative team with HouseTrip London

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