The Fight for Democracy in the Middle East

As I imagine it, using this infographic would require students who are a little more advanced and knowledgable about current events. This is an interact timeline on the fight for democracy in the Middle East, and includes several countries. However, it only covers mid December 2010 through the beginning of February 2011. Many things have happened since the dates this infographic covers.

Have the students study this infographic, and maybe even do extra research on the events. Possibly give them a few days to do research on what has happened since this infographic. My goal would be to have students understand cause and effect, and how effects can be further causes. At the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011, these were events that had been started by other events, basically the fight for democracy in this region. However, these events, we now know, have led to other events. What other events have occurred directly because of these events on the timeline? What could be going on now had things happened differently?


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