The Olympics Torch Relay

The 2013 Olympics begins soon, and once again, that means the continuation of the Olympic torch being passed. This event is a great opportunity for a history lesson. It began thousands of years ago in ancient Rome, in the year 776 BCE. It continued for around 1200 years, and then there was a 1500 year break. In began again around the turn of the 20th century, because it was believed that athleticism is important to make a well rounded person.

This infographic specifically shares the trek of the Olympic Torch Relay around the United Kingdom. As the infographic states, there is a 95% chance that the torch would pass within an hour of the people in the UK. I still remember when it passed through my hometown and my dad, brother, and I sat in a parking lot and watched it.

Use this infographic to begin your study of the Olympics. Study science by studying fire, geography, and the physics of the events. Study history by studying historic events around the Olympics. The former Soviet Union and the United States have warred with each other through the Olympics. And keep your students active by beginning your own Olympics.


Original Graphic by: APQ

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