The World Without The Internet

Believe it or not, there are still people in the world, and even in America, who do not use the internet, some even by choice! I had a college professor in 2005 who lived without power or running water. I doubt he used the internet very regularly. I will admit that without it, our social skills would probably be vastly improved. But there are pluses that came with the internet. Share this infographic with your students to teach them how to use it.

Challenge your students to go without the internet, no smartphones, no email. Ask them to write a note every time they would have used the internet. For every piece of information they read, get a newspaper or a book. Everytime they try to talk to someone, go home and use a phone. Every time they try to send an email, or online message, they have to handwrite it and buy a stamp.

Now make the same challenge to yourself. Every time you try to look up a piece of information for education, send an email for collaboration, or use the internet in any way, imagine what it would be like to teach without these items.


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