Washington Experience Viewed Less Positively

With education in America becoming better and better, more and more people think they know what is best for the country, and because people are better educated they would, in theory, be right. It seems as though people are more opinionated about politics, or they may just be able to spread their opinion farther. One thing is for sure, people are able to know more details about the candidates thanks to the Internet.
This is not altogether a bad thing. While personal indiscretions may not show much about a presidents ability to make decisions about homeland security, it does show character. But we are also able to view up to the minute voting decisions, and hear speeches as they are spoken. What was said 20 years ago is much more difficult to hide and will be read or heard by more people. According to an infographic by the Pew Research Center, people are not trusting the presidential candidates as much because of experience in Washington.
I believe that it is not a matter of knowing how to get around Washington that matters when choosing a president. The president spends little time physically in Washington, but has probably spent years in political cities, such as Washington. They can gain the skills necessary to be president anywhere. Other things should be considered, such as character, cultural education, and what the country needs at the time. Ask the students what they think is necessary, and most importantly ask them why. What top three general skills will each student look into when selecting a president, a governor and a mayor. For instance, does knowledge about the war matter as much to a mayoral candidate as the local economy? This will show you what they know about recent events.


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