Some Like it Hot

Every with more than a basic education knows some things about the sun. It is hot, it is big, and when it is hidden, it is dark outside. But how hot is it, how big is it, and how exactly does light the Earth, especially from that far away? This infographic shares this information, and more.

To begin with, it compares the sun with Venus temperature wise. The temperature of the sun is ten times that of Venus, but you will have to view the infographic to see how hot Venus is. It continues by sharing its energy production compared to energy consumption on Earth, and distance from the sun.

This infographic does a great job comparing the sun to things that students can relate to. For instance, it compares the distance from from the sun to the Earth by stating how long it would take a Cheetah to run from the sun to the Earth. It would be great to be used in a variety of classrooms studying the sun, from Elementary school to continuing education.


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