Tablet Owners Define New Category of Shoppers


Thanks to computers, life is changing faster than ever. I remember a high school friend telling me blackberry’s had become so common that they were banned from the jury in courtrooms because they could look up information about the case. When I got my first cell phone, most people did at 16 (or then if they were older) for safety reasons while driving. I was in the top 3 in my computer class in elementary school because we had a computer and most families didn’t (and most elementary schools still don’t have computer classes). Once again, technology has changed something as old as time. It has changed shopping.
Black Friday has been around much longer than Cyber Monday. A fun fact: during the Great Depression, Roosevelt pushed Thanksgiving up a Thursday to increase the number of weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, hopefully spurring the economy. This didn’t go over well and it was changed back the following year. I don’t know when the term Black Friday began, but this shows that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas has been filled with increased shopping for at least nearly a century.
With the personal computer and nearly every company having a website from which to purchase (and for some this is the only shopping method), Cyber Monday was created. People went out and shopped on Friday when they often had the day off but businesses were re-opened. Then on Monday, they return to work and shop on their computer. But with the tablet, they are able to shop on their way to work (hopefully only while on a form of mass transit) and can set it aside while working on their work on the computer. The tablet has defined a new type of shopper, but what do your students think this means. For many students, this will be my generations cell phone. “When I was young, many families had computers, but few people had cell phones,” and now, “when I was young, most people had cell phones, but few people had tablets.” How else will this change the world as the cell phone has?

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