Public opinion of the Occupy movement

The Occupy movement keeps growing, and just like anything, from entertainment to politics, people have their own opinion. In this country, it is legal and encouraged to have ones own opinion. It is also beneficial to be able to listen to other opinion maturely, even if you don’t agree with them in the slightest. The Occupy movement has brought up a lot of strong opinions. It is also a movement that students should know about because it will very likely affect their future, and will also be a part of the future.

This infographic explores the opinions of people in regards to the Occupy movement based on the main goals and the method the protestors are doing it. But it does so by exploring various causes of the country’s problems. The squares represent the level at which people surveyed agree or disagree with the main goals and the method, and the dots (representing people) represent whether Congress, the White House or several other factors are at fault.

Using this information with your students, help them form an educated opinion. Divide the class into multiple groups: groups will explore and report on the goals and the methods used by the protestors, and the factors that may have caused the problems in this country. Teach them how to report the information without their opinion. Teach them to simply state the facts, allowing others to form their own opinions. Make sure all resources are available to the entire class.

The second part would be for students to use this information in order to form their own opinion. Whether they share this with the class publicly or not is based upon the maturity level of the class. But it would be great if the students could anonymously recreate this infographic to view the overall opinion of the class. The students should also be able to share their opinion supported by facts. What facts they have gathered will tell you how much they learned from this exercise, not whether or not they agree or disagree.




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