Netflix favorites by location (fun)

The Movies They Watch

The Movies They Watch

My wife takes her long walks in the morning. It’s a more creative time for me, so I take mine in the afternoon (suffering the heat). She often comments how she sees so many people stepping out to their mail boxes in the early hours to slip those bright red envelops in to be picked up by the post person, only to be replaced with the next movie in their queue.

If you have Netflix, you know that there’s a section for local favorites, and it can change quite a bit depending on where you live. After moving a few times in the past couple of years, I’ve definitely seen local favorites that seem to reflect the culture or majority demographic in a city. Slacktory used this simple idea and looked up favorites in each state. The map above is the result.

There are quite a few amusing stereotypes in there, although I’m not sure what’s going on with a few of them. Beverly Hills Chi Hua Hua in Mississippi… Kindergarten Cop… A Little Princess?

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