Measuring Digital Traffic from All Devices

ComScore, the Internet marketing research company, recently announced a new set of data they will be monitoring. From their press release:

“comScore is excited to announce the availability of Device Essentials to provide critical insight into traffic patterns sourcing from the wide array of devices today,” said Serge Matta, comScore Executive Vice President of Telecom and Wireless. “Using comScore’s proprietary global UDM data set, we have been able to develop an expansive profile of traffic patterns across device type, connection type and geography which delivers the critical insight needed by wireless carriers, OEMs, publishers and app developers to optimize their marketing strategies and customer experience.”

This page includes current data on:

  • Share of Non-Cpomputer Device Traffic by Country
  • Newspaper Site Category Traffic by Geography & Device Type
  • WiFi/LAN Access vs. Mobile Network Access by Device

Press Release & Data

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