Ten Largest Museums in the World

Have your students name museums that are not local (unless you live in NYC or Washington, DC). How many of those museums are listed in this infographic? This infographic shares the largest museums in the world, the year they were built, the number of annual visitors, and their location. Have any of your students visited these museums? Does your school plan to visit any of these museums?

Why are these specific museums so well know? Is it because of their size, or because of what they have to offer. What do they have to offer? For instance, the Mona Lisa is located in The Louvre in Paris, France. How did they acquire this painting? What is required to maintain this painting?

Discuss with your students what a museum, large or small, has to offer. Why should they visit museums? Why do these choose to visit one museum over another? What are the pros and cons of museums of various sizes? These are all great questions to explore with your students before a field trip to a museum.


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