A Literary Map of the United States

tumblr_m11ym05s1R1rngud3o1_1280There are many maps that put people or ideas in a location on a map to show where they are from, and I believe it is a great idea. It shows the regional differences and allows the viewer to compare different parts of the United States.

In this instance, the creator of this infographic put authors in various parts of the United States. It is interesting to see where various authors came from, and what influenced them. Discuss with your students what could have been occurred in the North to allow Sojourner Truth to pen a book, or Herman Melville to write his great works of fiction.

Have your students choose a topic, whether it is food, parks, or something else that interests them and place a description of it in each state. For instance, if food were chosen, what is the most famous restaurant in each state, or in each part of each state? This will show the type of cuisine prized in each region, and your students may be able to find a pattern as they look across the country.


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