History of Infographics

I may be biased, being an amateur historian, but I strongly believe that exploring the history of something you are interested in helps to strengthen your knowledge of it. This infographic shares a rudimentary history of the infographic, going over major events in history, beginning with Ancient Egypt, that helped form the modern day infographic. I challenge you and your students to go back to the basics of what infographics are to help create better infographics.

According to this infographic, the first infographic was created around 500 BC. But it doesn’t share any information on it. Go out and find a photograph of it, or challenge your students to do so. Following this, in the late 18th century, a Scot named William Playfair created charts that we commonly use in infographics today. In the 1970s infographics, as we use them today, were finally born.

Follow the source at the bottom of the infographic to see what these basics looked like. Help your students get away from the frills and decoration of infographics, and get back to the basics. At the most basic level an infographic should share information. Help your students make sure they are doing this well, before they add extras.


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