Is Barack Obama the President

I believe that this infographic is mistitled. I believe that it should be titled Is Barack Obama the Next President. But in light of the presidential debate this evening, I thought an election related infographic would be a good idea.

This infographic does a great job of visualizing the electoral votes. It uses balloons to show the number of electoral votes each president possesses based on then current predictions. It is also interactive, the balloons are sized based on the number of electoral votes, and you can scroll over them to see the state it represents and how strongly they are for each candidate. This would be a great method to use for other infographics based on numbers.

After the presidential debate, which focused on the economy, have you students try to push judgements aside, and get down to what was said, and create an infographic about it. Try to find several key components of the debate and find facts on what the candidates said. Romney’s campaign has been plagued with having been “too vague.” The debate did force him to be more specific on his plans. Try to find these details, of both candidates, as well as evidence based on their lives as politicians, and compare and contrast them. For instance, where and when has Romney cut spending while governor, and how has he improved education. How has Obama’s spending increases helped the country, and how has he improved education. Try to teach your students how to form opinions based on facts, and how to show these facts by using an infographic.


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