10 Irish Inventions that Changed the World

When one thinks of Ireland, one often thinks of drinking, dancing, and green little men. But, in fact, the Irish have invented many major things that changed the world. Ten of them are outlined in this infographic. Some of the ones that may involve  a great deal of discussion include the submarine, color photographic, the tank, and splitting the atom.

Every country and culture have invented things to help their daily lives, some say beginning with fire. While our imaginations cannot fathom what will come next, inventions are by no means finished. Challenge your students to imagine life without some of these inventions. Do research on them, and see if someone else was working on something similar, and see the differences. Would the differences have made a greater impact? What would our lives be like without color photography? How would World War 2 have been different without the tank?

Challenge your students to invent something new. Have them think about their daily lives. What would be the best way to improve their lives? Have your students do as much research as possible to write down as many logistics as possible. Who knows, they may end up being able to create it and impact the next generation.


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