Eight Things Successful People Do

what-does-it-take-to-be-remarkably-successful_5245d0297bcf4Don’t follow the herd. Don’t have a back-up plan. Word hard. Two of these are obvious, the third goes against common wisdom. But all three are things successful people do according to this infographic. You want your students to be successful, and most likely your students also want to be successful, so this is a great infographic to share with them to increase the chances of their success.

In addition, it is a very visually appealing infographic. Most likely, your students have never seen a chalkboard, and do not understand the background colors. But using a chalkboard background is a great idea. It portrays the idea of brainstorming, often associated with a chalkboard or whiteboard.

What backgrounds can your students use to entice viewers of their infographics? The background cannot be too busy, because it may distract, but it also cannot be too plain, because it may not draw the eye to the infographic. A tree trunk and some colorful leaves would be a great background for an infographic about fall. Faded hearts would be a great background for an infographic about Valentine’s Day. What else can your students come up with?


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