America’s Aging Workforce


Working with people with whom you share very little can be very difficult. There is little to talk about at the water cooler, and when trying to persuade a coworker to see your way, it helps to know them a little better.
A place of employment will always have a variety of people in it. This infographic shares some information about the “aging” workforce, or those approaching retiring age. This infographic may assist your students in their future.
It shares their fears and expectations about retirement. For instance, a quarter of these workers expect to not retire until the age of 80. Also the majority of Americans have a fraction of the savings suggested to live comfortably upon retirement. Share this with your students and ask their thoughts on whether or not they think these fears are silly. Whether they have the same fears as they are continuing to prepare for work. And whether it makes them realize the importance of saving money sooner.

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